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Vinnie @ 8 years old

Me at 8 yrs old
Up Close

I am Vinnie. I have hazel eyes
When I started this web page
I was 4, but now I am in 3rd grade & 8 yrs old!
I like to make origamis, play video games, watch TV and more.
I also sometimes play fish tycoon on the computer.
I have two dogs and three fish, the dogs' name are Mia and Lilly, but the three fish have no names.
We got a snake for my brother for his birthday, but since he touches the snake's food, the human scent got on it, so the snake did not eat the food. So it died from not having food to eat. The snake was a baby corn snake and it was pretty and it had a red and pink pattern on it.
That's it for now!

My Grandpa
& his Whirlibirds

My Dad
That Was Easy!
No Kidding!

My sister
has a web site

My Dad
Co-Creator of
Spider-Man &
Fantastic Four!

My Brothers
Lava Girl

I'm MAD !!!

King Kong

My Favorite Book is
20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
by Jules Verne

I'm Watching YOU !

What Is the
M.M.M.S. ??

I like the
Check Out Their New Movie!

This is one MY
Favorite comics!
It has Spidey & Venom!

The next Fantastic Four Movie
Has the Silver Surfer !
and the Flying Bathtub

Vinnie @ 4 years old

Me and Clouds
Up Close

Me and Clouds
Far Away

Me and Clouds
Looking At
Each Other

Reading the
Fantastic Four
What Fun !

Me and my
Favorite Foods
Hot Dogs and Macaroni
Excuse me!

I care about
my Hair !

I have my job
as busboy !