For Your
Initial Setup Fees Remainder of First Year Fees 2nd Year Costs 3rd Year Costs
YOUR Domain Name.com ** $70.00 for 2 Years Name Fee $0.00 $0.00 $35.00
YOUR Domain
Web Site Maintenance Fee**
$49.95 $0.00 $25.00 $25.00
Web Hosting for Your Site** Hosting Now Free!
(With Hoster's
Banner Ad)
$0.00 $0.00 $0.00
Subtotal of Initial Costs / Future Fees on Web Site** $119.95
+ webmaster fee
$0.00 $25.00 $60.00
Fee ***
(Initital FREE
(Includes 10 Hours)
Retainer of $100.00 Gets You Started!
$25.00 @ Hour as needed As agreed As agreed

Michael D Hamersky, Webmaster
PO Box 121334
San Diego, CA 92112

e-mail me at: hamersky@hotmail.com
cell phone/voice mail: 619-980-3457

Sample Sites built by Michael D Hamersky can be viewed at:

Url Address Comments
www.Whirlibirds.com Designed 62 page web site & promoted
www.CraftTimes.com Designed 7 page web site & promoted
www.ComicBooksCircus.com Designed 15 page web site & promoted
www.CustomWoolRugs.com Designed 3 page web site & promoted
www.Hamersky.com Designed 3 page web site & promoted
www.E-Quoter.com Designed 1 page web site & promoted
www.SDMarineHardware.com Designed 20 page web site & promoted
www.DreamCandlesCompany.com Promoted Web Site Only!
www.CraftersMallOnline.com Designed 3 page web site & promoted
www.CWestern.com Promoting Web Site Only!
Michael D Hamersky, Webmaster, wants to make YOUR business a Success! A FREE initial consultation can be made at your residence or place of business. Access to a computer with internet access would be helpful at that time. With my webmaster experience you'll get:

A one-stop resource for b2c web presence. (Business 2 Consumer.) Affordable web site design and development. Your Web Site listed in the top search engines and directories. Simple, easy ability to update your own web site, with training. Fast-response with e-mail technical support and/or phone support.

An informative / order form website can be developed, set up, and promoted in the proposed ten hours if good communication is kept between the client and the webmaster. Every effort will be made to keep the process a pleasant and hopefully profitable experience for you! It is our joint efforts that will make the web work for You!

*These webs sites are of an informational and/or order request nature. They are not E-Commerce Sites. E-Commerce Sites are web sites that contain a secure line for credit card transactions and possibly with shopping carts. HOWEVER we now have access to a FREE MasterCard and Visa program for your web site's customers that doesn't cost them or you any transaction fees or set up fees !!

**Cost on Website Domain Name, Annual Maintenance Fee, and Web Hosting Costs are subject to change, as vendors can and will change their prices in the future. And, yes, the initial costs are only $119.95, all of which can be charged on your credit card. (Credit card is a must on some of the set up procedures.)

***Webmaster fees are subject to change, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. Webmaster fees include 10 hours for development, set up, and promotion of your site. Retainer of $100.00 required prior to start of design. Training can also included on how to make changes on your web site. Full control of the website will be turned over to you upon completion. Payment for the webmaster fees can be made by check or now with Mastercard or Visa. The amount of time needed to complete the ten hours work will probably be over a one to two week period of time. PLEASE NOTE:Prices Effective as of May 8th, 2000. Prices are Subject to Change!

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