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Pricing On Promoting Your Current Web-site
Or After Having a Web Site Built For You !

Promotion Service for Your Web Site
With Pricing As of February 12, 2003
Total Pricing
Package 1 : will optimize each page of your web site with new meta-tags, (up to 10 pages), hand submit your site to the top 12 search engines and directories, and then auto-submit to at least 100 more search engines/directories.
(This does not include FFAs, which would result in additional spam to your email address. That is where other services get the 1200+ 'search engines' count.) Total Time on this service is eight (8) hours @ $25.00 hr.
Price is only $199.00
which can charged on your
MasterCard or Visa
Credit Cards Accepted for Your Web Site Design
Package 2 :
This package assumes that your web site pages are already optimized with meta-tags, or has provided this service for you in the past year and it's time to resubmit your site. will resubmit your existing site, as is, to the top 12 search engines and directories and then will auto-submit to at least 100 more search engines/directories.
(This does not include FFAs, which would possibly increase spam to your e-mail address. That is where other services get the 1200+ 'search engines' count.) Total time on this would be four (4) hours @ $25.00 hr.
Price is only $99.00
which can charged on your
MasterCard or Visa

Having a web presence is not enough to ensure a sucessful website.

You will need to market your website. Your webmaster will provide site submission to all the leading search engines on your behalf. Individual submittals allows you to place your web address with major search engines using keywords that will be created with your input.

You can pick the categories and keywords you would like web visitors to use to find you. Web visitors searching with those words will be directed to your site. YOUR web-site will get noticed and attract more traffic!

However, marketing your site never really ends! Through ongoing measurements of results using statistics services, monitoring of Search Engine placement, you will have times that additional site submittals will be needed. Your webmaster can show you how to do this via training, or you can have an updating done by your webmaster.

Upgrade Your Web Site by retaining

Michael D Hamersky, Webmaster


Pricing on A Web Site Built For You!*
(Get A Head Start On The WWW This NEW Century!)

This promotional literature is being published
to inform you of a low cost way to put
YOUR business on the World Wide Web.

Needed For Your
Initial Setup Costs
As of 02-12-03
Remainder of First Year Costs Projected 2nd Year Costs Projected 3rd Year Costs
Your Domain Name ** As of 2-12-03: $15.00 for one year,
$12.00 per year for multi-year terms.
$0.00 $15.00 approximately $35.00 (or less)
Setup Domain on WWW/Annual Maintenance Fee** Currently Free if you use suggested domain seller. $0.00 Varies Varies
Web Hosting for Your Site** Web host server has several plans. As of February 12, 2003, Only $4.95 month for basic hosting,
plus $10.00 one time set-up charge.
$4.95 month for basic hosting $4.95 month for basic hosting, or until Hosting Svc changes rates $4.95 month for basic hosting, or until Hosting Svc changes rates
Subtotal of Initial Costs/Future Costs on Web Site**
Credit Cards Accepted for Your Web Site Design
$29.95 or less (+webmaster fee) $4.95 month for hosting fee $ Will Vary $ Will Vary
Add Webmaster Fee***
Low Cost for Your Web Site Design
(15 Hours of Development / Setup & Promotion of Your Website @ $25.00 hr)

Approximate Grand Total of $404.95 plus or minus depending on domain/setup fees and web hosting fees. Retainer of $100.00 To Be Paid Prior to my Starting. These prices are as of February 12th, 2003 and are subject to change by the Providers.

$25.00 @ Hour as needed As agreed As agreed

Credit Cards Accepted for Your Web Site Design

Please Note:

Michael D Hamersky, Webmaster, is in the business of putting businesses online. Specifically YOUR business if YOU decide to use his services. To most people, this means just "creating a web site". When to really do the process right, it is first determining what YOU expect to get out of your Internet 'presence', then creating the web-site, and then following through with promotion/ marketing.

An informative/order form web site can be developed, set up, and promotion/marketing of your site started in the proposed five-teen hours if good communication is kept between the client and the webmaster. Every effort will be made to keep the process a pleasant and hopefully profitable experience for you!

*These webs sites are of an informational and/or order request nature. They are not E-Commerce Sites. E-Commerce Sites are web sites that contain a secure line for credit card transactions and possibly with shopping carts. However, You can place a 'PayPal' banner on your web site and utilize their MasterCard and Visa services.

**Cost on Web-site Domain Name, Annual Maintenance Fee, and Web Hosting Costs are subject to change, as vendors change their prices in the future. And, yes, the initial costs are only $29.95 paid to the companies that license the domain and web hosting, with pricing as of February 12th 2003, plus $100.00 to the webmaster to start building Your Web Site, all of which can be charged on your credit card. (Credit card is needed on some of the set up procedures.) You must use your credit card directly with those costs so that the licensing for the Name, Hosting, etc is in YOUR name only, for your protection.

***Webmaster fees are subject to change, unless otherwise agreed upon in advance. Webmaster fees include 15 hours of development, set up, and promotion of your site. Training can also included on how to make changes on your web site. Full control of the website will be turned over to you upon completion. Payment for the webmaster fees is by check or credit card only. Credit card charges only via PayPal Program. The amount of time needed to complete the fiveteen hours work will probably be over a one to two week period of time. PLEASE NOTE:Prices Effective as of February 12th, 2003. All Prices are Subject to Change!

affordable website

Web Site Design and Promotion
Michael D Hamersky,
PO Box 130653
Carlsbad, CA 92013
member of WOW

E-mail me at:

Cell phone/voice mail: 619-980-3457

promotion for Your website


How the Internet Works (6th Edition)

For those of you that need an introduction on how the Internet works... the above book is a good read!

101 Ways to Boost Your Web Traffic: Internet Promotion Made Easier, 2nd Edition
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For those of you that are thinking of doing it on your own!

Don't Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability
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For those who are thinking on having a web site built for them!

101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site
"> click here to view more on this book!
The author includes two chapters on search engine considerations, as well as chapter-length treatment of marketing in newsgroups, signature files, e-mail, discussion lists, newsletters, link trading, award recognitions, meta-indexes, online advertising, affiliate programs, cybermalls, AND MORE!

Permission-Based E-Mail Marketing That Works!
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The book is packed with great tips and advice for those of us just starting down the path of permission email marketing. The case histories of good and bad practices alike provide strong insights on communications and etiquette. Most importantly, this book explains the terms of email marketing and, for someone more experienced, it helps you calculate costs and your ROI (return on investment) from the campaign!

Net Words: Creating High-Impact Online Copy
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Net Words explores the reasons why and makes a strong case for a revolutionary new approach to copywriting tailored to the unique demands of a powerful new medium!

promotion for Your website

promotion for Your website

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